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A beauty salon is a place where people go to relax, maintain, and create their ideal personal style. There are some beauty salons that just strictly deal with relaxing hands on treatments such as facials or massage. Many salons now offer facial and body electrical treatments which are only a small step away from the surgical approach. Salons which only specialise in hairdressing (called Hair salons) quite often have a beauty room attached within the building. Many of these have self-employed beauty Therapists which work in harmony with the hairdressers to suit all the clients' needs. If the clients need beauty treatments while they are getting their hair colored, therapists will provide these treatments during the hair processing or immediately before or after treatment to suit the clients needs. The main importance for a beauty salon or salon to be successful is to stay in touch with their clients wants and needs by being professional and updating their knowledge with regular training. This is a fast moving industry where treatments change quickly according to what is dictated by the fashion industry. New breakthroughs in skin care are a regular occurrence and should be followed to give the clients the best information vailable. Salons also sell a variety of professional hair, skin, and makeup products to help the clients maintain the professional treatment at home. There are many suppliers to beauty salons including Dermalogica, Decléor, MD Formulations, Jessica, Crystal Clear. Each supplier has its own products and various different treatments.

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